Coffee Is My Boyfriend, But Books Are My Lovers

Coffee is my Boyfriend but Books are my Lovers art wood prints and wrapped canvases at

Coffee is my boyfriend, but books are my lovers.

Because we all need priorities in life.


Check out my newest art here:

Coffee is my Boyfriend Wood Print

Books are my Lovers Wood Print

Coffee is my Boyfriend Wrapped Canvas

Books are my Lovers Wrapped Canvas

And I hope you enjoy the art as much as your coffee and your books!

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My Favorite New Starbucks Coffee Mugs

I am totally crushing on some of the newest Starbucks coffee mugs.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, tho I know I just don’t have room in my kitchen for every coffee mug I find that I love.


The struggles of a coffee addict.

But, between my recent sinus infection and stomach bug, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to sit around and stare at things.  Like these mugs.

Anyway, here are my top three:

Casi Cielo Mug, 12 fl oz

Inspirational Espresso Mug, 3 fl oz (Reads: Every sip has a sweet ending.)

Inspirational Brewed Mug, 16 fl oz (Reads: Fresh-brewed inspiration for the day ahead.)

I think these three caught my eye because I’m such a lover of words and textures.  And white.  I love how white plays off of other colors, sometimes blending in and sometimes starkly standing out.

There’s a lot I like about these mugs, but I want to know which are your favorites.  If you could pick one of these to add to your collection, which would it be?

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Coffee for Your Inner Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat bring coffee

And that, my friends, is a picture of me in the mornings.


Especially cold mornings {and afternoons and evenings} like today.

But I suppose that’s why there’s now a coffee made for grumpy people:  the Grumppuccino.

The Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino Coffe

And just like its cheerful brother, the Frappuccino, it’s available in mocha, coffee, and vanilla.

Heck, you could even drink it out of a grumpy mug:

Grumpy Cat™ COFFEE NOW!!! Mug It’s like drinking out of a mirror…….


I must need more coffee.

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Happy {Caffeinated} New Years

Coffee New Years 2014

How are you celebrating the New Year?

For my part, coffee is keeping me conscious until it’s

Time to Drink Champagne and blow Bubbles

In the meantime, the girls and I are celebrating New Year’s Eve with plenty of fun kid-sized activities.  From balloons to noisemakers, there are plenty of ways to make the day fun for the little ones!

And, of course, there’ll be a post to follow.  :)

Happy New Year!  May 2014 be a very blessed {and caffeinated} year for you all!

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(You can download the coffee bean pic from Dreamstime and find the bubbles poster at society6.)

Merry {Caffeinated} Christmas - It's not a happy or merry anything until I've had my coffee.

True.  So true.

Perhaps that’s why I felt inspired to construct my latest BuzzFeed post around porn for coffee addicts.  But not just any porn.  Holiday porn.

Here are a few examples:


Oh, my… are you salivating yet?

If you haven’t abandoned your computer in pursuit of your favorite coffee mug, then check out the rest of the tantalizing photos at 45 Photos Of Holiday Porn For Coffee Addicts.

May your holidays be ever joyful.  And fully caffeinated.

Happy {Caffeinated} Halloween

halloween pumpkin coffee art

Happy Halloween!

Mwabwahahahahaha… [insert creepy voice here]

But no holiday (or any hour of any ordinary day either) would be complete without coffee.

So, for this holiday, I’m sharing with you some thematically appropriate awesomeness via Etsy.  ‘Cause I just think Etsy rocks.

witches brew halloween coffee spoon

Witch’s Brew Coffee Spoon

pumpkin coffee cozy for halloween

Pumpkin Cozy

boo spider halloween coffee mug

Boo Mug

black cat coffee vintage sign

Black Cat Coffee Sign

A Head in the Hunny Pot Kind of Week


It’s been this kind of a week:


winnie the pooh oh bother


So I think I’ll do some relaxing this weekend.  Relax my brain.  Rejuvenate it.

You know, drink some good coffee…




curl up with an amazing book…


cat reading book


watch some of my favorite movies…




during which I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch…


cat sleeping


but that’s okay, because at least I’ll…




and that’s wonderful.  Because lately I’ve found that dreams can sustain us.  Our goals are part of what make us who we are.


you may say i'm a dreamer lennon quote


And I love making my dreams come true.

Even if I need to take a day off to relax.  And fall asleep with a good book in my lap.  :)

Mommy’s Mini Vacation


And that right there is Mommy’s Mini Vacation.  A trip to Target and a Mocha Frappuccino.  This was one of those trips that I took without the kids, so there was a lot of quietness … and no one trying to steal my whipped cream.

It was a rather long trip, actually, because the heavens opened up while I was shopping, and I didn’t want to leave in the midst of what appeared to be a hurricane.

So I waited.  And I shopped.  Flipped through all of the interior decorating magazines.  Revisited the women’s and baby’s clearance sections.  Smelled all of the candles in the candle aisle.

Still raining.

Oh well.  I’m not allergic to rain.  So I walked out to my car, bags in one hand, giant box of diapers hanging from the other, and received a very thorough shower along the way.

But even with the large amount of water that I brought home with me, it was a good day.  A nice mini break.

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