My name is Rosemary Lynn, but I also go by Roaming Rosie or Rosie for short.  I’m a mom and a writer, exploring the world a little bit at a time.  I have two beautiful, gorgeous, amazing daughters who are five and seven.  My world revolves around them, and this blog is mostly about my adventures in motherhood, or at least the crafty side of it.  And food.  Lots of food. (They often overlap.)

I love to experiment and create new recipes (like I said – lots of food), so you’ll see a lot of that here.  I also think reading is one of the most important things you can share with a child, so I also review children’s book when I get the chance.

When I’m not writing or reading or working or doing “mommy” things, there are a lot of places that you can find me online:

Roaming Rosie on Zazzle
Joyful Expressions Stationery on Zazzle
Nevermore Awesome Edgar Allan Poe Gifts on Zazzle
Crazy Cat Lady Gifts on Zazzle
Beach Art on Zazzle
Beautiful Adventure on Zazzle
Two Become One on Zazzle
Florida Photography on Zazzle
Society 6

And even though I haven’t updated it in awhile, you can read about my past adventures on my Travelblog.

And, as a disclaimer, some of the links I feature on my blog do lead to affiliate sites.  Not all of them, though.  Some things I share because I think they’re awesome.  Other things I share because I think they’re awesome, and I’m a part of their affiliate program.  Either way, I only post links to things I think others will enjoy or find helpful.  Or entertaining.


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7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Good Evening:

    I was just on your page: http://www.squidoo.com/jake-and-the-neverland-pirates-birthday-party-ideas

    I see you have a cake that you have given a source of: cakeswebake.com via Karen on Pinterest.
    I am the creator of that cake and I posted it to my blog.
    The cake is the 1/4 sheet that resemble a lagoon. I have a dessert business and I would appreciate credit for my creation.
    Would you please change the source to the correct one?
    The actual source is: http://bernadettesdesserts-catering.blogspot.com/2012/07/skip-song-get-to-cake.html

    Thank you :)
    Bernadette Niebuhr

    • Done! I’ve changed the link and the credit to your website. It’s an awesome cake! Thanks for letting me know. It irks me when I can’t find the original owner of a photo, so I’m glad you found me! :)

  3. Hello, my name is Linda McMahon and I am the sponsor of an Anime Club @ a high school in metro-Atlanta, GA. I was looking for an image for the club’s website & found your ‘I Heart Anime’ post card on Zazzle. As you can imagine, finding a visual representation for Anime that is appropriate for a high school website is not an easy thing to do, but I thought your postcard was terrific, and would really love to use it. I’m not sure if my asking this of you is also inappropriate and if it is, please accept my apologies. I would credit the source of the design in any way you indicate. Please let me know & thanks in advance, LAM

    • Hello, Linda. Sure, you can use the design. I was in an anime club in high school (many years ago…), which is why I designed it in the first place. And you can credit this blog instead of the Zazzle store – it’s a shorter name. So, somewhere on the website, please mention RoamingRosie.com. Thanks. :)

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