Eggosaurus Dinosaur Shaped Eggs

Eggosaurus dinosaur shaped eggs

When I first saw this dinosaur shaped egg mold I very nearly squealed with excitement.

How cool is a breakfast that’s shaped like a brontosaurus??

If your answer is DUDE THAT ROCKS then we’re probably on the same page about this.

The pictures below show my journey of eventual success.  It wasn’t overly successful the first time I did it, but it only took a couple of tries.  And, you know, I could still eat the mistakes.  So no biggie.

Anyway, here are my tips:

  1.  Grease the pan AND the mold with nonstick spray.
  2. Separate the eggs whites and yolks ahead of time in separate little bowls.
  3. Try to hold down the mold with a spatula or something while you pour in the egg, so that it doesn’t leak out from underneath.
  4. Make sure the pan is hot when you pour in the egg and cover it as it cooks (like with a pan lid) so that the top of the eggs cook as well.
  5. Move the entire mold with the cooked eggs to the plate and remove the mold from the eggs on the plate instead of in the pan.
  6. Practice it a couple of times before you attempt to serve it to children.
  7. Enjoy!

Eggosaurus dinosaur shaped eggs

Mine might not be quite as pretty as the example picture from the manufacturer, but I was totally happy with the results.

Next up?  Pancakes!


You can get the Eggosaurus on Amazon, but beware:  the prices tend to fluctuate.  You really shouldn’t pay more than ten bucks for this, but I haven’t really searched for it anywhere else.  I actually bought mine from ModCloth, but they don’t carry it anymore.  If you find it anywhere else, please let me know!

Happy Eating!

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Summer Fun Tip: Swim Diapers

Summer Fun Tip:  Swim Diapers Can Be Washed!  #momtips #frugalmom

Did you know you can wash swimmy diapers??

Because I feel like this is something EVERY Frugal Mom oughta know.

I remember reading it somewhere – a Facebook post I think – and I was a little wary at first.

But now I’ve done it tons of times and I’m so grateful I figured this out.  Cause those things are expensive!!

Of course, my youngest is at the point where I don’t really need to worry about this much longer, but if your Little One is like my little girl, who finds the pool, eh, “relaxing,” you’ll need swim diapers “just in case” much longer than you were hoping to have to buy them….


In the photo above you can see an example:  the one on the left has been through the washing machine and the dryer and the one on the right is straight out of the bag and unworn.  Almost the same, huh?

Here are a few tips:

* If there’s poop in the swim diaper:  throw it away.  Right in the trash.  That one’s done for.

* If there appears to be some pee in the diaper, it can still be salvaged by rinsing it out with the garden hose or something similar before washing.

* If there is no pee OR poop in the diaper after your child wears it to swim, I would still wash it before letting them wear it again.  It’s like a pair of panties and you don’t wear your underwear twice without washing them, do you?  Especially not when there’s chlorine involved.

* To launder these babies:  wash and dry just like they’re clothes.  I would say like bathing suits, but I don’t put those in the dryer.  But swim diapers don’t shrink like bathing suits do, so go ahead and toss them in the dryer.  Wash them with your regular load of clothes and dry them with your regular load of dryer-safe clothes.  If they’re still damp after drying, you can hang them up for a while.

I’ve never tried washing these more than twice – but hey, that’s still 3 wears out of something I used to throw away after using once.  Which was bad for the environment and bad for my wallet.  Let me know how they hold up if you’ve washed them more than that!

Or, you could use a reusable swim diaper.  But hey, when family and friends give me free disposable swim diapers, I’m gonna get as much use out of them as I can first.

Have you tried this?  Share your results with us here or on Facebook!

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Book Review: My First Keyboard Book

My First Keyboard Book Review by Roaming Rosie

Usborne’s My First Keyboard Book is a lot of fun to play with … and not just for the kiddos.

I enjoy it, too, and so do a lot of adults that come in contact with it.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is the wonderful feel of smooth keys and the beautiful tone of the notes, which isn’t overly electronic.  It sounds like you’re playing a piano or a high-quality keyboard.

The book itself teaches you recognizable songs {like Twinkle, Twinkle and Row, Row, Row your Boat} with color coordinated keys.  There are dots of color on each key that correspond with patterns of dots that produce the song if you play them in that order.

It’s easier to show you than to tell you, so here’s my video review:

It is an internet linked book, so you can see a video of someone playing one of the songs, read some more reviews, and see pictures of the inside of the book on the Usborne site.

Other things I like about this book are that all of the keys work – even the black flat/sharp keys, and I especially like that there’s an on/off switch on the back.  It’s nice to know I can shut it off when we’re not using it and it’s stored on the bookshelf.

It’s easy to play, too.  My girls are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old, and while the 2yo isn’t really interested in following the colored patterns, she does enjoy making her own music.  The 4yo is able to play the songs by following the patterns, although her rhythm needs some work.

My point is, this book is great for younger kids as well as older ones.  Little Ones might need much more practice before getting the hang of it, but older kids will pick it up right away and, like I mentioned above when I pointed out that adults seems to love it, it’s somewhat addicting.

Plus, there are actually a bunch of interactive books that get kids involved with and learning about music, many of which are illustrated in this graphic:


Children Love Music with Usborne Books

Happy Reading!

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Make Cute Animal Shaped Mini Sandwiches and Cookies and Stuff

CuteZCute Animal Palz Mini Bento Sandwich Stamping Cutters

These little sandwich shapers are ADORABLE!

The full name for these cute, little sandwich cutters are CuteZCute Animal Palz Mini Bento Sandwich Stamping Cutter & Egg Shaper.

Which is quite a mouthful.

But they do so many fabulous things I can totally get why they had trouble giving it a shorter name!

I’ve used them for a bunch of different things and they really add a great element of fun to my daughters’ lunches.

You can use them to imprint on bread, tortillas, watermelon, cookie dough, and probably a bunch of things I haven’t even thought of yet.

Plus the set also has the tools to make pocket sandwiches.  I’ve found that you can actually get a little bit of both peanut butter and jelly inside of them, but my 4yo actually prefers just plain peanut butter.

Oh – and I have used them to imprint on slices of cheese.  But I don’t recommend that.

Here are some meals/snacks I’ve made with them:

CuteZCute Animal Palz Mini Bento Sandwich Stamping Cutters

And there are tools in the kit to also shape hard boiled eggs, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I do really love this Sandwich Stamping Set.  I’ve kept the box because everything has it’s place inside of it, the directions are on the back of the box, and it fits nicely in the pantry.

I have to keep an eye on the pieces, tho… they have a habit of walking off.  Especially when my 2yo sees me using them.  :)

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Book Review: Wind Up Pirate Ship

Usborne Wind Up Pirate Ship Book Review by Roaming Rosie

The Wind Up Pirate Ship book is SO much fun!

There is so much interaction with this book that it’s nearly impossible not to entice kids to want to read it.  It’s a fun story about pirates looking for – you guessed it – treasure, but in between the pages of the story are 3 tracks that allow a wind-up toy shaped like the pirate ship in the book to zoom around the locations discussed in the story.

I mean, we love pirates in my home, so getting this book was a pretty much a given.  But I was still surprised by how much my girls enjoyed reading it and playing with it.  In fact, on Christmas day, my 4yo announced that this was the “greatest gift ever.”

Then the very next day, she announced {even tho she’d never seen it until the day before} that it was “the BEST gift that she’s ALWAYS wanted!”

Now, four-year-olds can be a little dramatic, but you gotta love that kind of enthusiasm about books.

I was pretty excited about it, too.  Which I hope shows in the video review I did for the book:

And like I mentioned in the video, there are a ton of wind-up and pull-back books in the same series as the Wind-Up Pirate Ship.  They include:

Wind-Up Tractor
Wind-Up Train
Wind-Up Plane
Wind-Up Race Cars
Wind-Up Bus (London)
Pull-Back Busy Bug
Pull-Back Busy Car
Pull-Back Busy Train
Pull-Back Busy Helicopter
Pull-Back Busy Santa

But did you arrive here because you were excited about the pirates?

Don’t worry:  we’ve got a ton of pirate books, too!

Usborne Pirate Books at

To get updates on new books and when books go on sale, please follow my Usborne page on Facebook!

Happy Reading!

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Matching Personalized Monogram Gifts

Blue and White Chevron Matching Personalized Monogram Gifts

I love the idea of being able to set up an entire meal with personalized dishes and matching accessories.

Which is what these chevron patterned monogram gifts are for!  From the placemat and coasters for your breakfast at home to the lunchbox and water bottle for your lunch at the office, these are a great way to start any meal.

They’re great for kids, too!  I mean, sure, you might first think of yourself, or even your teenage daughter/granddaughter when you first look at them, but young kids also love to see their names on things – even when they’re just starting to learn their letters.  And not all of us want to have blinding primary colors or gigantic faces of Elmo plastered all over our kitchens.

We have to look at this stuff every day, too, amiright?

{Okay, okay… my girls have Jake and the Neverland Pirates placemats.  I admit it.  BUT, I love Jake, too.  :) }

Because we should be able to surround ourselves with things we love.  And things that no one will mistake as not being ours.  Especially if you’re living in a dorm or working in an office where your stuff keeps walking off…

Anyway, aside from the easy personalization, the other thing I love about this line of monogrammed gifts is that they come in different colors.  Below you’ll find the links for the blue, green, and pink versions!

Please share with me which are your favorites!  And don’t forget to also share them on Facebook and Pinterest!

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Coasters

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Lunchbox

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Mug

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Soup Mug

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Water Bottle

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Melamine Plate

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Porcelain Plate

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Napkins

Blue & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Placemat

Green and White Chevron Matching Personalized Monogram Gifts

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Coasters

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Lunchbox

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Mug

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Soup Mug

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Water Bottle

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Melamine Plate

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Porcelain Plate

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Napkins

Green & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Placemat

Pink and White Chevron Matching Personalized Monogram Gifts

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Coasters

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Lunchbox

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Mug

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Soup Mug

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Water Bottle

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Melamine Plate

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Porcelain Plate

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Napkins

Pink & White Chevron Personalized Monogram Placemat

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Melissa and Dough Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle {a review}

Melissa and Dough Underwater 48 Piece Floor Puzzle {a review from}

Today I wanted to talk about the Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle because it’s something that both of my girls love, and have loved for a long time.

My oldest daughter has been playing with it for nearly 2 years now, and she still gets excited about it.

As my youngest is only 2 1/2, she still needs some help to put the pieces together {the recommended age is 3+ and she gets so excited that she rushes too much to allow the pieces to fit properly}, but she loves it anyway.

My 4yo can assemble the puzzle on her own, but does ask me to do it with her.  She likes the interaction.

The puzzle is beautiful, as you can see, and large, which makes it especially fascinating for kids.  The pieces are big, which is great for little hands, and that makes the finished puzzle 2 feet by 3 feet.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s finished:

 Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle

The colors are brilliant and the artwork is quite detailed.

When putting it together, I usually say things like, “here’s a piece of a dolphin,” or “I found part of a jellyfish,” or “this one has a lot of red coral in it.”

The puzzle is really a great way to facilitate conversations about sea life.  It’s nice to do the puzzle and then reminisce about animals we recently saw at a zoo or aquarium or read about in a book.

It’s also a nice addition to lessons about the ocean.  If you’re studying the sea with your Little One, this is a fun way bring the ocean into your home.

Usually I help her separate the outside pieces so that we can construct the frame first.  Next, as you can see in the photo below, she likes to walk around the puzzle, counting the pieces.

Then we fill in the rest.

And by “we,” I mean that I work very slowly, sorting pieces and musing about them while I let her fill it in mostly by herself.

Melissa and Dough Underwater 48 Piece Floor Puzzle

I definitely recommend this puzzle for any kids that love puzzles or sea life.

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Painting Birdhouses With The Kids

painting birdhouses

My kids were SO excited about this project.

I hadn’t realized that picking up a couple of $1 wooden birdhouses at the store could make a day so very eventful.

It was pretty awesome.

Anyway, the reason we even went looking for birdhouses was because of this book that was given to us by a neighbor:

Birds First Discovery Book

This First Discovery book about Birds was something I thought looked kind of fun, but I wasn’t sure how my kids would respond to it.

Surprisingly, it’s been requested over and over again at bedtime.

Even though it’s a learning book and not a story book, both my 4yo and 2yo enjoy reading it.

This is partially because they love all kinds of books where they get to discover things (the 4yo often requests a book that spells out the life cycle of butterflies) but also because of the fun way they allow kids to “discover” the facts about their subject matter.

This series of books includes transparent pages.

The transparent pages are printed with pictures on both sides and “hide” part of the page that’s underneath it.  When you turn the page it reveals the hidden image.

My daughter calls these the “puzzle pages.”

And, from looking at the pictures of others in the series on the back cover, she’s already ardently requested that we get the ladybug book.

Thus, a ladybug and a dinosaur book are in a box on the way to my house right now.  And I will be buying more in the future.

If you think your kids would love this kind of interactive learning, too, here are a few others in the series for you to view:

Do you own any of these books already? Which are your kids’ favorites? Your favorite?

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Vet Toys for Kids {Product Review}

Vet Toys for Kids {a review}

My kids love animals.  And playing doctor.

So, not surprisingly, they both got vet toys for Christmas.

And they loved them.  Both my 2-year-old and 4-year-old loved their own toys and their sister’s toys.  I’d gotten different things due to their age difference, but it didn’t seem to matter that much.

They also incorporated the Doc McStuffins Doctor Bag quite a bit.

For both girls I got on big vet toy and a smaller item to go with it.  Specifically:

For my 4-year-old, I got the B. Toys Critter Clinic Toy Vet Play Set:

B. Toys Critter Clinic Toy Vet Play Set

And the Learning Resources Tilt and View Animal X-Rays:

Learning Resources Tilt and View Animal X-Rays

And then, for my 2-year-old, I got the Plush Animal Hospital House with Animals:

Plush Animal Hospital House with Animals

And the book Biscuit Visits the Doctor:

Biscuit Visits the Doctor

As I mentioned, they were both happy with all the toys, and all of them are still getting plenty of use a couple months after Christmas.  I’m happy with all of the purchases, but wanted to elaborate a little for you.

First of all, I adore the B. Toys Critter Clinic Toy Vet Play Set for many reasons.  From a mom’s standpoint, my favorite part is that it’s self-contained.  That’s always a plus.  All the toys fit in the top and you can also store them behind all the little doors.  The plush cat and dog are cute and my girls both seem to like all of the vet tools that were included, like the stethoscope and syringe.  But I think the best part is the set of keys.  Each of the six doors is opened by only one of the six keys and the color of the key matches the color of the correct door.  Granted, I can also use my fingernail to turn the lock, but my girls really enjoy locking and unlocking the doors with the keys.

The Tilt and View Animal X-Rays remind me a bit of toys I used to have in the 80s.  You tilt them one way and you see one picture, and you tilt them another way to see a different picture.  In this case, one picture is of an animal and the other picture is of that animal’s skeleton.  And the back of the cards have the names of the animals and interesting facts for each species.  There are 18 cards and the animals range from Green Sea Turtle to Barred Owl to Emperor Penguin.  They’re supposed to be for slightly older kids, but both of my girls liked trying to “find” the bones.  The cards don’t get as much play as the other vet toys, but my daughter definitely likes them, and has showed an interest in comparing the animals.

The Plush Animal Hospital House was what I gave to my youngest daughter because I thought it would be more age-appropriate for a two-year-old, but I find she plays with her sister’s Critter Clinic just as often if not more.  Although this has more to do with the vet tools included in the Critter Clinic than the animals.  She loves the dog, cat, bear, bird, and moose included in Plush Animal Hospital.  She takes care of them, kissing their boo-boos and such.  Many of the bandages on the animals can be opened to reveal boo-boos in the form of stitches.  The animals are all soft and huggable, and it’s easy to put them in and take them back out of the plush house.  Another toy with self-contained benefits.  And a soft handle, which makes carrying it easy for little hands.

And then we come to Biscuit Visits the Doctor.  My girls love Biscuit.  We have many Biscuit books, and Biscuit is often requested at story time.  So we’ve read this particular book many, many times.  This is partially due to the doctor obsession brought on by Doc McStuffins, and also because Biscuit can be fun to read.  My four-year-old laughs at his antics, chiming in with “silly puppy,” as my two-year-old quotes Biscuit right along with me:  “woof, woof!”  Either way, I highly recommend all Biscuit books for young kids, and especially this one for any kids remotely interested in doctors.  I imagine it would also be good for kids that are afraid of the doctor, though I no longer have to worry about that, since my girls were cured of that through Doc McStuffins and Elmo.

Overall, I recommend all of the toys featured here, though especially the B. Toys Critter Clinic Toy Vet Play Set, which would be my vote if I had to choose which seemed to be the favorite out of all of them for my girls.

If you have any questions about the toys, please feel free to ask me!

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Leaf Chain Fringe Earrings {Product Review}

Leaf Chain Fringe Earrings in Antique Gold

I just received these Leaf Chain Fringe Earrings and totally had to share them!

I don’t normally buy long, dangly earrings, but these intrigued me.  Especially the color.  I mean, they’re available in shiny gold and in silver, but when I saw the antique gold I was simply enchanted.

I have other jewelry in a similar color and I love how it goes with so, so many different outfits; how it can be dressed up or dressed down.  Kind of funky, kind of bohemian, kind of feminine.

Anyway, I love how they hang, playfully peaking out of my hair when it’s down and gracefully drawing the eye when it’s up, brushing against my shoulders.

They do make a slight jingle when I move quickly, but it doesn’t bother me.  It’s not annoying.  I actually find it kind of fun, but it may bother some people.

I think they’re comfortable, and, even though I can feel the weight of them enough to know they’re there, I don’t consider them heavy.

Also, for some reason the image above doesn’t show the hook, but it’s worth mentioning that they’re fish hook earrings.

And, finally, yes:  they are called “leaf chain fringe” earrings but they most definitely look like feathers.

Albeit the discrepancy in the description, they’re fun and beautiful, and I’m happy I decided to get them.  Totally my style.

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