A Head in the Hunny Pot Kind of Week


It’s been this kind of a week:


winnie the pooh oh bother


So I think I’ll do some relaxing this weekend.  Relax my brain.  Rejuvenate it.

You know, drink some good coffee…




curl up with an amazing book…


cat reading book


watch some of my favorite movies…




during which I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch…


cat sleeping


but that’s okay, because at least I’ll…




and that’s wonderful.  Because lately I’ve found that dreams can sustain us.  Our goals are part of what make us who we are.


you may say i'm a dreamer lennon quote


And I love making my dreams come true.

Even if I need to take a day off to relax.  And fall asleep with a good book in my lap.  :)


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