Mommy’s Mini Vacation


And that right there is Mommy’s Mini Vacation.  A trip to Target and a Mocha Frappuccino.  This was one of those trips that I took without the kids, so there was a lot of quietness … and no one trying to steal my whipped cream.

It was a rather long trip, actually, because the heavens opened up while I was shopping, and I didn’t want to leave in the midst of what appeared to be a hurricane.

So I waited.  And I shopped.  Flipped through all of the interior decorating magazines.  Revisited the women’s and baby’s clearance sections.  Smelled all of the candles in the candle aisle.

Still raining.

Oh well.  I’m not allergic to rain.  So I walked out to my car, bags in one hand, giant box of diapers hanging from the other, and received a very thorough shower along the way.

But even with the large amount of water that I brought home with me, it was a good day.  A nice mini break.

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