Our Trip to “The Dali”

We recently took a trip to “The Dali,” as the The Dali Museum is affectionately known.  I hadn’t been since I was a kid, and I was excited to return.  And to my delight, my girls had a great time, too.

Granted, the 16-month-old was just happy to be out and about and exploring new places, and the 3-year-old didn’t really grasp everything – but we toured the gallery, did crafts directed by a docent, completed the scavenger hunt, and had tapas in the cafe.

My oldest studied the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire, her eyes focused on the painting as she walked backwards and forward again and again, until finally announcing, “Yup, I see it.”

They both climbed on the sculpted windows as we ate our tapas, and they threw change into the fountain at the foot of the giant stone that appears to be supporting one corner of the building near the front entry.

All in all, a great day.  I’ve written about our outing, about Dali and his artwork, and some of the Dali-themed crafts we did at home on Squidoo:  Salvador Dali Crafts and Lessons for Kids.

Here is a collage of some of our pictures from the museum and the crafts we did:

Dali Crafts for Kids

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