Olive Ewe Living Room

olive ewe living room

Made another room on Polyvore tonight.

This one is named “Olive Ewe” in honor of the adorable pillow.

It’s one of my pillows from Zazzle and I just love it so much, I had to build a room around it.  :)

Let me know what you like (or don’t like) about it!

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Owl Reading in Blue and White Room

Owl Reading in Blue & White Room

Okay, the owl is actually a doorstop and not a pillow, but I liked how comfy he looked on the couch.

While designing this room on Polyvore, I was thinking of my favorite decorating colors:  white and light blue.  They calm me.  They make me happy.

And owls and books and fluffy pillows and soft blankets make me happy.

Not that I’d actually be able to read a vintage French paperback, but I could hold it in my arms, feel the delicate pages with my fingers, and fall asleep with it on my chest as its gentle scent cascaded through my dreams.

That would make me happy, too.