Graveyard Brownie Halloween Cupcakes

Graveyard Brownie Halloween Cupcakes

These Graveyard Brownie Cupcakes are SO MUCH FUN to make (and eat!) and very, very rich.

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you need to try these!

To make them a little less decadent, you could make regular cupcakes in place of the brownie base, and even try a milder flavor like yellow cake dyed orange.

But I was in need of some heavy-duty chocolate.  This hit the spot.


The first thing I did was make some of my Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pumpkins with my girls.  We made them the day before.

Then we melted some white candy melts to make the chocolate bones using this skeleton mold from Wilton.

We crushed up a handful of Oreo cookies in a plastic bag for our graveyard “dirt,” and we baked up some box brownies according to the package directions.

I’d thought about making the brownies in a big pan to construct a large graveyard scene, but then switched to the cupcake idea.

I was going to use regular cupcake lines and write RIP in icing on some Milano cookies for the gravestones, but then I found these cute graveyard cupcake liners that come with their own paper gravestones on toothpicks.  I happened upon them at Walmart, but there are similar products online and at other stores, too.


We let the brownies cool completely, then iced them with chocolate icing.

We pressed in the graveyard picks and some pumpkins and bones into the icing, before sprinkling over a little of the Oreo dirt.  (If you sprinkle the cookie crumbs first, the chocolate pieces won’t stick into the icing.)

Then we savored the festively decedent chocolate culinary celebrations.

I recommend you share them, and not attempt to eat 18 thick piles of chocolate all by yourself.  Because:  wow.  ;)

Graveyard Brownie Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Halloween Baking!

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2013 Halloween Cupcake Contest Winners

Squidoo just wrapped up their 2013 Halloween Cupcake Baking Contest – and the votes are in!

The one I voted for came in at #1, and I’m not really surprised:  they’re awesome!  Because, I mean – really – who wouldn’t want a spooky cupcake topped with cotton candy clouds?

The 1st place winner was Under The Light of The Moon Halloween Cupcakes:

Death by Chocolate Under the Light of the Moon Halloween Cupcakes

Death by Chocolate Under the Light of the Moon Halloween Cupcakes

In 2nd place was Caramel Apple Cupcakes:

Caramel Apple Halloween Cupcakes

And in 3rd place was How to Make Your Very Own Happy, Smiling, Pumpkin Cupcakes With Fondant:

Happy Fondant Pumpkin Cupcakes for Halloween

To see the rest of the winners, check out the 2013 Squidoo Halloween Cupcake Baking Contest page!

I hope you are now inspired to create your own eerily delicious, creepy, crawly goodness!  :)