10 Things I Never Expected to Say {Or: A Typical Day in the Life of a Mom}

10 Things I Never Expected to Say OR A Typical Day in the Life of a Mom from RoamingRosie.com

Motherhood has brought with it many unexpected surprises.

Most of them are phenomenally, euphorically amazing. The rest are…


{That’s putting it mildly.}

And these are some of the unexpected words that have crossed my lips in the first 5 years of my daughters’ lives.

Things I hope I won’t have to say again {but know that I probably will}.

10 Things I Never Expected to Say

1.  I ran out of tissues; just use my shirt.

2.  Why are you naked?

3.  I didn’t know diarrhea could shoot that far – you almost hit Grandma!

4.  No, no: throw up on me, not the couch!

5.  Did I just step in syrup?

6.  No, I don’t need a tampon, and I certainly don’t need a handful of them … where are all the wrappers?

7.  Don’t stick your fingers in the dog’s butt!

8.  I don’t care how cold you are, you’re not getting back in the bathtub until I clean all of the poop out of it.

9.  Get your hands out of the toilet!

10.  Did you just put my ChapStick in your butt?

My second favorite chore is ironing.  My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.  Erma Bombeck

Please share some of the unexpectedness you’ve experienced in the comment section!

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Blustery Day Water Play

Blustery Day Water Play

Some days it’s just too cold and windy and blustery to play outside.

But we needed something to keep busy, and we’d already blown up the small pool the night before when we didn’t realize the sun wouldn’t be showing it’s face today.

So:  water play.

We moved the pool indoors to the dining room.  I filled two large plastic bowls with water, and placed them inside the pool.  Then collected as many measuring cups and spoons and general gadgets (whisks, funnels, mesh strainers) as I could find, and tossed them in the pool, too.

Then, I let the girls have at it.

Blustery Day Water Play

Blustery Day Water Play

Blustery Day Water Play

It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

I had to refill the large bowls a couple of times since most of the water ended up in the bottom of the pool anyway, but that’s the reason I had them wear swimsuits.

I kept towels nearby to clean up spills that splashed onto the dining room floor and also to wrap them in when they’d had enough.  But they spent so much time measuring and scooping and experimenting with the water to make setting it all up more than worthwhile.  We’ll be doing this again.

This activity can also easily be done in the bathtub if you don’t have a little, blow-up or plastic pool.  Or, if it’s a nice day outside, them you can just provide the bowls and tools spread out across the grass or a patio.

Either way, a fun yet educational (and basically free) way to keep your little ones entertained!

Precious Plush Mobiles

These precious plush mobiles would be an adorable addition to any nursery!

I can just see them:  gently swaying above the intense and curious eyes of a newborn, bringing out warm, toothless smiles and soft coos.

3 plush bird mobile on stick

plush 3 little pig with houses mobile

plush pink bird with sun and cloud mobile

I seem to have a wee bit of baby fever lately!  :)

Of course, these charming creations aren’t shipped outside of France (and a couple other EU countries) so you may have to make you’re own if you’re particularly fond of them.

Check them out at A Little Market:  3 Bird Mobile, 3 Little Pigs Mobile, Pink Bird with Sun & Cloud Mobile

Exporation Bottles for Sensory Play

Oh, how babies love noise!

Big noises, little noises, repetitive noises…

So, kids make noise.   As mothers, this is something we know.  It’s also something we come to love (sometimes).

What I guess I’m trying to say is, sometimes we can make it fun.  For instance, I made these “exploration bottles” for my girls a little while back, but never got around to posting about them.  And, not only did my youngest daughter love them (who was probably about 8-months-old at the time), but her big sister (2 years her senior), loved them, too.

exploration bottles

exploration bottles 2

They’re kind of musical in a way, especially since there are so many options when it comes to filling them.  I used some two kinds of beads and some pom poms – all from the dollar store.  I put them in dried out water bottles in the 16 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.  I also added a little hot glue to the caps (after the photo was taken) to make sure that the contents wouldn’t end up in my daughter’s mouth.  Like everything else she gets her hands on.

I’ve also seen them done where you fill them with water, so the kids can watch the stuff float around.  I like what I did, because each bottle made a different sound when you shook it.  And yes, even the pom pom bottle made a sound, just a very light and swooshy one.  It’s great for comparison, especially with my older daughter.

Have you done something similar?  Let me know!