15 Minutes to Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

It was late.  I found myself in the mood for chocolate, but not wanting candy or ice cream or, even, (heaven forbid) cookies.

But I needed chocolate.

What could I make?  What would satisfy my craving?  What could be done quickly since it was already nine at night?

I couldn’t decide, so I explored Pinterest.  There were so many, many amazing foods, but nothing quite what I needed… until I came across The Best Chocolate Pudding You’ll Ever Have (in 15 minutes!).

Fifteen minutes?  That’s worth a try for silky smooth dark chocolatey goodness.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any dark chocolate cocoa on hand, so mine was more semi-sweet.  Still awesome, tho.

Chocolate Pudding

It was definitely simple.  Whisk together a few ingredients.

Chocolate Pudding

Boil some milk.  Whisk the rest of the ingredients.  Eat.

Chocolate Pudding

I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and quick the whole process was.  The thing that took the longest was stirring in the chocolate chips (above) and waiting for them to melt.  If I’d had chocolate shavings instead, it would have been even faster.

And there were a few chips that didn’t melt completely, but that didn’t really bother me.

Chocolate Pudding

The problem with taking photos was that I was in a rush to eat it, and my powdered sugar kept melting as soon as I sprinkled it on.  The thick, gooey chocolate was calling my name.

It’s awesome when it’s well-chilled, too.  Of course.  Which I know because I couldn’t eat it all in one sitting.  Which was lucky for my girls.  They got to enjoy it the next day.  :)

So be sure to check out the recipe at A Cup of Jo – and the photos, too, they’re much better than mine!

And then be sure to enjoy some homemade chocolate pudding.  :)

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