Free Kid Activity: Painting Newspaper

painting on paper

Sometimes you need something simple, quick, and super easy (and free) to entertain your kids.

We came across this activity by accident, but it’s actually great for a variety of things:  sensory play, cause and effect, keeping them distracted so I can wash the dishes and fold the laundry….

Things like that.

To start, lay out some newspaper on the floor – preferably tile, as this wouldn’t work so well on carpet or wood.  Concrete would work, too.  Or an outside wooden deck.

Then, hand the kids some brushes – we used both regular paint brushes and foam brushes – and small plastic cups of water.  Not too much water, tho, unless you want a lake in the middle of your kitchen.  Just enough to let them draw designs on the paper.

Challenge them to draw certain shapes or to write their name if they know how.  Then stand back and watch their inner artist bloom!  :)


One thought on “Free Kid Activity: Painting Newspaper

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