Eating My Feelings

Some days are just one of those days.

Today is that day.

But don’t worry – I’ve got everything under control now: I’ve raided the kitchen.

Here are some of the feelings I’ve been feeling while digesting my feelings.

Don't try to tell me that hungry is not an emotion because I feel tht shit in my soul.

30 Rock:  I'm gonna go talk to some food about this.

I'm eating my feelings and they taste delicious.

My face when I see food.

These cookies are mine.  ALL MINE.


I'm sad when my food is over.

I’m glad we’re all on the same page now.

And I feel a little less alone.  :)

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Momism #5: Chocolate Stash

Momism 5

Has it already been a week since my last post?

Guess life has been keeping me busy.  Most of it is an exciting-busy:  starting up my new real estate business.  But, unfortunately, there has also been some stressful-busy, pretty much all divorce-related.

Which brings me to chocolate.

When I think of stress, I think of chocolate.  Is it just me?  Be honest…

Anyway, chocolate also comes in handy about once a month, which is what this Momism references.  The main problem with this, is that sometimes us moms NEED chocolate.  But that would make our kids hyper.  Just before bedtime.  Which is never good.

So sometimes we hide things.  Not because we’re greedy.  Because we’re busy.  And stressed.  And we need some sort of outlet for that stress so that we can pretend to be sane in front of our kids.

Chocolate is one of those outlets.

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