Shamrock Fun for Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

shamrock suncather

I just noticed that my pin of the above Shamrock Sun Catcher has been re-pinned over 2,000 times on Pinterest.  Reminded me that St. Patty’s Day is coming up.

I normally would have been much more aware of this, except that a massive sinus infection has recently melted my brain.

Anyway, the St. Patrick’s Day crafts I did with my kids last year are on one of my Squidoo lenses (St Patrick’s Day Crafts and Recipes for Kids), and include a few fun crafts that all resemble shamrocks.

Like our green dinner biscuits and chocolate shamrocks:

shamrock biscuits

chocolate shamrocks

You’ll find all of the instructions and step-by-step photos at St Patrick’s Day Crafts and Recipes for Kids.

Check it out and please share with me if you decide to make any of them!

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