Red Velvet Jelly Bean Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Red Velvet Jelly Bean Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

Okay, technically we made mini red velvet cupcakes for Grandma’s birthday.

And, as my daughter and I were making the cream cheese icing, Grandma happened to mention something about the jelly beans that she received as a birthday present and how neat they would look on the cupcakes.


So I picked out just the red, pink, and white ones to match the red velvet and topped the mini cupcakes with 5 jelly beans in a circle that kinda looked like a flower.

And the colors just so happened to go with a Valentine’s Day theme.  So we froze some.

Totally ready for Valentine’s Day now!


Lol:  right… as if I’m not going to have the urge to bake cookies and brownies and drape everything in varying layers of chocolate and sugar and pink and red sprinkles come mid-February.  Sure.

Maybe I should just raid the freezer now …

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