500 Footprints Later …

I’ve posted in the past about being amazed at the popularity of a pin.

This pin recently topped 500 repins, which is pretty cool.  But the weird thing?  I’ve found other pins about this article, altered photos in fact, that weren’t pinned by me at all.


Well, it’s weird, but hey, technically they all lead back to my Salt Dough Footprint Heart article if you follow the “source” links…

Oh well.  The information is free.  Universal.  Heck, I didn’t even come up with the idea.  I originally saw it at The Imagination Tree.

But I guess that’s what the internet is all about.  Sharing.  Ideas.  Community.

Sharing ideas with your community.

Ideas should be free.

It’s All About the Simple Things … and the Booty

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the best.

Simple ideas, for example. I wrote a Squidoo lens with suggestions for Jake and the Neverland Party Ideas, and I pinned a bunch of the photos from the lens, things like decorations and cakes and activities.

This photo was one I pinned. I’m really not sure where the image originally came from, so if it’s yours, let me know!

What I wanted to point out, though, was that this is a photo of a very simple concept: fill a bucket with sand and plastic coins and jewelry, hand kids some shovels, and let them dig for pirate treasure!

There’s no fancy branding or advertising on the photo, just a concept. But a fun-filled one that could entertain kids for hours.

And others were attracted to this simple concept as well, because my pin was re-pinned over a thousand times in just over 3 months. A thousand times.

See the stats for yourself.

Unbelievable. And unbelievably simple.

{{{This was originally posted at roamingrosie.blog.com, but I’ve since transferred my blog here}}}