Letter E: Free Alphabet Worksheets for Kids

Free Letter E Printable Worksheets {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

If you’re new here, please read the Introduction to the Alphabet Activities first!

Here are all of the printable PDFs for the Letter E.  They are free for home and classroom use, but please don’t sell or reproduce them.

E is for Eagle and Easter Eggs

E is for Earth

E is for Elephants Eating Eggplants

E is for Emergency

E is for Eyes Googly Eye Worksheet

E is for Spotted Eagle Dot Marker Coloring Page

And don’t forget to check out all of our Letter E Alphabet Activities!

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Have fun!

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Letter E: Alphabet Activities for Kids

Letter E:  Alphabet Activities for Kids at RoamingRosie.com

Welcome to Letter E Day!

If you haven’t read the Introduction to the Alphabet Activities, you should start there.

Don’t forget to check out the Letter E:  Free Alphabet Worksheets for Kids, too!

Letter Sorting:  E is for Easter Eggs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

For our letter sorting activity, I cut out two egg shapes and added some paper patterns that made them look like Easter eggs.

E is for Electric Eels  {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

For our next Letter E project, I cut out the letter for Eel in squiggly lines that were supposed to represent the animal.

Then my daughter glued them on the water-colored paper and drizzled on some glow-in-the-dark paint.

The glowing version didn’t photograph well, but it was a big hit in person.

E is for Elephants  {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

We made some elephants with grey paint.

My daughter dipped her hands in the paint, then made hand prints on paper.

While the paint was still wet, we added googly eyes and a paper oval ear.

E is for Eyes {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

This is one of the worksheets I made that’s available on my Letter E:  Free Alphabet Worksheets for Kids post.

We spread glue all over the letters and added googly eyes.

E is for Earth  {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

Our next project was a coffee filter craft:  E is for Earth.

The coffee filters were pretty big, so I cut it to fit the construction paper.  Then I outlined some shapes in green to roughly represent the continents.

Next, my daughter and I colored the continents and water with washable markers.  I helped a little because she hadn’t filled them all in completely and it looks best with a lot of color.

We took a spray bottle filled with water and squirted the coffee filter.  Make sure you have something underneath it {like newspaper} to soak up any colors that bleed through.  Don’t be afraid to squirt a lot of water of it, so that the colors will run.

Once it dried, we glued it to a piece of black construction paper with glitter to represent outer space and stars.

E is for Electric Eggs Hunt {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

My girls LOVED this.  And it’s very easy to do.

To set up an Electric Egg Hunt {which is also a great Easter activity}, you put bracelet-sized glow sticks inside of plastic Easter eggs.  Then hide them around the room and turn off the lights.

Below you can see my girls finding all the eggs.  One used a basket and the other just made a pile.

We hid them over and over again, so the activity lasted for quite awhile.

And has been requested many times since.

E is for Electric Eggs Hunt {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

E is for Electric Egg Hunt {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

E is for Scrambled Eggs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

These are scrambled egg Es.  I made some scrambled eggs in a pan and added in some cheese.  I let it sit near the end of cooking it, so that it had the consistency of an omelet instead of scrambled eggs {stuck together instead of falling apart.}

Then I slid it onto a plate and cut out letter Es with a cookie cutter.

E is for Chocolate Eggs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

These are really cute.

For these miniature eggs, I melted some white candy melts in a little baggy, snipped off the corner, and squeezed out the chocolate in oval shapes onto waxed paper.  Before the chocolate set, I put a yellow M&M on top.

It cools and sets in a few minutes, but they also stay fresh so you can make them days ahead of time, if you want.

E is for Green Eggs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

And since we also read Green Eggs and Ham for Letter E Day, I added green M&Ms to some of the chocolate eggs.  :)

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

E is for Easy Eclairs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

These were my take on eclairs.  I wanted to bake something, but something that would be really easy to make.

I didn’t post a printable recipe because I just combined a few things to make them.  I DID post a step-by-step photo below, though, to help explain it.

We started with some store-bought pie crust dough.  You can usually find this in the frozen or refrigerated section of the grocery store.  We cut out flower circles with a 2-inch cookie cutter and pressed the small circles of dough into greased mini cupcake pans.  After baking them according to the package directions and letting them fully cool, we spooned in some instant vanilla pudding.  Once that set, we drizzled chocolate fudge ice cream topping over them.

And to review, a list of the ingredients:  pie crust dough, vanilla pudding, fudge ice cream topping.

They might not exactly be eclairs in the traditional sense, but they still tasted pretty good.

E is for Easy Eclairs {Alphabet Activities at RoamingRosie.com}

And here are some of the supplies I’ve mentioned in this post, including glow-in-the-dark paint, googly eyes, plastic eggs, glow sticks for the electric eggs, the cookie cutter set that I used for the scrambled eggs Es and the easy eclairs, and the fudge topping for the eclairs:

Glow in the Dark Paint Plastic Eggs

Glow Stick Bracelets Cookie Cutters Fudge Ice Cream Topping

I’d love for you to share if you’ve done any of these projects with your little ones!

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Have fun!

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