My latest collage on Polyvore is a simple, understated bohemian look I titled Ice.

I can see myself curled up and cozy in this tattered snowflake sweater, offset by the color of my well-worn jeans, the infinity scarf hanging loosely off of one shoulder, the metal finger cuffs cool against my warm skin.

…sweater weather = love…

Are the 80s Back?

I still think it’s surreal when I walk through the stores and see girls clothes on display that look like they came right out of the 1980s.

For example:

photo: Bargain Briana

Okay, her hair is great.  That’s not 80s hair.  But the dress?  Add a little shoulder jacket and that could have been worn to any of my school dances!

And these outfits from Kmart remind me of my childhood … they even have 80s/90s hats!

And, I mean, is it just me, or did JCPenny just discover a couple boxes of 30-year-old sweaters??

Is it just me?  Or have you noticed the trend, too?

Seriously, people.  Share.


Frilly Pettiskirts for Babies

These pretty pettiskirts from Butterfly Wishes are so fluffy and frilly I can barely stand it!

Technically, I could still get away with putting my toddler and preschooler in a skirt like this, but it’s just not the same as a newborn.  And, with the recent birth of my great niece, I’ve got a touch of baby fever.  Can’t seem to stop thinking about fluffy and frilly things.  :)

Momism #6: The Power of the Bra

Momism 6

I should be ashamed to admit this, but, really, I’m not.

I mean, it’s something I sometimes do so people won’t think I didn’t bother to change out of my pajamas, even though I’m playing with my kids in the front yard and it’s nearly dinner time.

But … yeah.  Some days I don’t bother changing out of my pajamas.

And some days I don’t even have time to notice that I haven’t changed out of my pajamas.

You can’t really blame me, though, since my PJs mostly consist of Gilligan & O’Malley shorts and pants from Target and either tank tops or well-loved, old t-shirts.  So, when I’m running around after two active toddlers, sometimes I’m just too comfortable to interrupt exploring the world with my children to do something useless and troublesome like putting on “presentable” clothes.

So if I bother putting on a bra for you, you’d better feel privileged.