Letter I: Free Alphabet Worksheets for Kids

Letter I Day Alphabet Activities Free Printable Worksheets from Roaming Rosie

If you’re new here, please read the Introduction to the Alphabet Activities first!

Then make sure to check out all of the Letter I Alphabet Activities too!

Here are all of the printable PDFs for the Letter I.  They are free for home and classroom use, but please don’t sell or reproduce them.

I is for Ibis and Iced Tea

I is for Ice Hockey

I is for Icee

I is for Igloo and Iguana

I is for Iguanas Identifying Ice Cream

I is for Insects Investigating

I is for Insects

I is for Instruments

Here are a couple of the completed worksheets:

I is for Icee Alphabet Activity Printable Worksheet

Letter I Insects and Instruments Worksheets Alphabet Activities with Roaming Rosie

Don’t forget to check out all of our accompanying Letter I Alphabet Activities!  (Where I also talk more about the Icee worksheet too!)

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Have fun!

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