Halloween Puffy Paint Window Clings

Halloween Puffy Paint Window Clings

This Halloween Puffy Paint Window Cling project was one of those that was a borderline “Fail” for me.

Luckily the kids still had a blast.

Not only did I let them play with paint {always a big hit} but they also got to stick things on the windows {also cool}.

The main problem was that I made some of them too thin, meaning that they got stuck to the wax paper.  The ones that came off still had some paper residue on one side and had to be attached to the window with the side I thought would be facing us.

Since I had so much trouble peeling some of those off of the not-as-smooth side of the waxed paper, I then tried drawing some on the shiny side.  Some of those were also too thin, but then they all stuck, regardless.

And by then I’d run out of puffy paint.

I plan to redo the project again in the future to try to figure out a better method, but, in the meantime, since my kids were so delighted with the whole thing, I’m sharing the free printables that I made for it anyway.

Halloween Puffy Paint Window Clings FREE Printouts

The point was to draw with the puffy paint on the waxes paper while the template was underneath {I was actually very proud of how well my 4yo did}, then let the paint dry, peel off your design, and stick it on a window.

As I mentioned, it kinda worked.

If you have {or have had} better success with a similar craft, please let me know!!

Here are the free printable PDFs that are in the photo above:

Halloween Bat Window Clings Template

Halloween Ghost Window Clings Template

Halloween Pumpkin Window Clings Template

Halloween Puffy Paint Window Clings

And it wasn’t all bad.  The ones I salvaged did look pretty neat on the window.  :)

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