Mint Chocolate Croissants

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

Once, when I was exploring heart of Metz, France, I came upon a little bakery.  I was entranced.  There in the bakery case were row upon row of sweet sugary goodness, and there was a particular chocolate croissant loudly calling my name.

And, since I suddenly lost every French word I knew, I clumsily, and with much waving of hands and pointing, ordered said croissant in a strange mumble of English, Spanish, and German (three more languages I can barely manage…)

But what can I say?  Chocolate pastries do strange things to me.

Anyway, enjoying the flaky delicacy in the shadow of an ancient (by American standards) limestone church is a happy memory for me.  It was a beautiful city.

And a damned good croissant.

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

What you see here is a shadow of that memory, with a mint twist:  a super, super easy-to-make mint chocolate croissant.

If you live in North America, then you’re probably familiar with Pillsbury crescent dough.  The only change I made to the basic procedure was adding in some mint chocolate candy.  I just rolled the candy up inside the crescent before baking it according to the package directions, which I tried to demonstrate in this photo:

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

Make sure you tuck in the ends to keep any melted chocolate from escaping.

Also, I melted an additional 10 candies so that I would have something to drizzle over the top.  I didn’t want to scald the chocolate in the microwave or bother with a double boiler, so I put them in a tiny glass dish and stuck the bowl of candy into the oven with the croissants while they baked:

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

I left the candies in the oven the whole time the pastries baked, then stirred the melted chocolate with a spoon to smooth it out before drizzling it over the croissants in a criss-cross pattern.

I didn’t even wait for them to cool – just drizzled it on straight out of the oven.

I may have waited a minute or two before eating one. And another minute before eating a second.


Or maybe I just shoved them right into my drooling face as soon as I was finished snapping pictures.

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

Either way, I suggest you eat them warm.

And, IF there are leftovers, I suggest you warm them a little because the chocolate inside will harden once completely cooled.

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe

Since this recipe really only had two ingredients, I tried to tell the story mainly with pictures instead of a list of instructions.  BUT, I still wrote up a recipe (including extra pictures), in PDF form which you can get here:  Mint Chocolate Croissants.

Also, I made a little graphic with the instructions right on top of a *yummy* photo, so it’s perfect for your Pinterest recipe album:

Mint Chocolate Croissants Recipe


And Happy Baking!  :)

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