Milk Sprinkles

Milk Sprinkles

Looking for a fun way to add some color to your kid’s celebrations?

I found a picture of this somewhere on Pinterest forever ago, but apparently I didn’t pin it at the time.  Anyway, the image stuck with me, so I decided to try it for my girls’ birthday.

I used their little cups, dipping the rims in some honey I’d poured into a dish (see photo below).  Make sure the entire rim is covered in honey – but only just covered, not dripping gooey clumps of the stuff.  Too much and it will drip down the sides of the cup.

Right after dipping the cups in honey, dip them in nonpareil sprinkles.  I used a Spring mix here (orange, yellow, and white), but use whatever colors you prefer.

Milk Sprinkles

My girls love sprinkles, so this was fun for them.

I wouldn’t do this everyday, but I’m thinking about using color-coordinated sprinkles for different holidays, like red and green for Christmas and orange and purple for Halloween.  And maybe trying chocolate syrup instead of honey next time.

I served this with their pancake breakfast, where I’d made pancakes in the shape of their initials, and later we had some layer cake with chocolate chip filling.

A whole day of fun food is a great way to celebrate birthdays, in my humble opinion.  :)

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