Chocolate-Covered Football Pretzels

For Grandpa’s birthday, the girls and I wanted to make him something special.  He loves pretzels, so my first thought was fancy, chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Then, I came across Utz’s football shaped pretzels.

Ooohhh … birthday WIN!

chocolate football pretzels

So, I grabbed a bag of the pretzels, some Wilton chocolate melts in brown (like actual footballs) and blue (just for fun), plus some mini M&Ms and some fun sprinkles.

chocolate football pretzels

After melting the candy in the microwave according to the package directions (always at 50% power!), I dipped the pretzels into the chocolate with a fork, tapped the fork on the side of the bowl to shake off the excess chocolate, and placed them on a sheet of parchment paper I’d laid across the counter.

My girls then scattered M&Ms and sprinkles over the pretzels before the chocolate set.

The 19-month-old made sure there was plenty of candy on the pretzels.  :)

chocolate football pretzels

We let the pretzels cool and set completely on the counter for a couple hours, then sealed them inside an airtight container.

You could use some type of fancy treat bag, but Grandpa was just as happy with a Tupperware wrapped in tissue paper.  :)


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