Choose Happy

Today I had my first sale in my newest Zazzle store! Woohoo! :)

The “Beautiful Adventures” store was created in an attempt to inspire people to love this beautiful planet and crazy existence as much as I do. But sometimes that can be a challenge. I know.

So the first design for this new store was the phrase “Choose Happy” over some bright, blooming flowers:

Sometimes we need this reminder. To choose happiness, even if you are surrounded by terrible things at the moment, because life if beautiful.

Well, at least, sometimes I need this reminder.

Anyway, I found it inspiring that the first sale was also the first design I created for the store. This sale of “Choose Happy” was on a tile that’s available either as a 6″x6″ or 4.25″x4.25″ ceramic tile. It can be used as decoration or as a trivet the way it is, but it’s also available with a wooden frame or placed into a jewelry box. So it’s pretty versatile. You can read more about it here.

I hope this brings a little “happy” to your day!  :)

{{{This was originally posted at, but I’ve since transferred my blog here}}}

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