Eat a Cookie

It never gets easier.

Watching my kids walk away.  Waving goodbye.  Blowing kisses.  I love you!

(don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry)

I never imagined that I could ever be blessed with such incredible, wonderful, amazing children.  And I never imagined that my marriage would fall apart.  Or that I would find myself with a 50/50 time-sharing arrangement for the two little angels that carry not only my genes, but pieces of my soul within them.

It breaks me every time I say goodbye, knowing that will be the last time that I see them, hug them, kiss them, hold them for another week.

But (and this is along the lines of my last post, Choose Happy) I have found that survival exists in the decision to stay positive.

It’s not easy.  But it’s essential.

And because it’s not easy, sometimes we need help.  And this is why I love Sesame Street so very much:  because they not only appeal to the children they are teaching, but they use humor to reach right into the minds of the parents, translating exactly how we  feel.  Kind of like this:

cookie monster

Cookie Monster knows just exactly how I feel.

And tonight is a cookie night.

{This was originally posted at, but I’ve since transferred my blog here}

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