Valentine’s Day Free Printable Tags for Pens & Pencils

FREE Valentine's Day Tags for Pens and Pencils

I recently posted some Printable Valentine’s Day Tags for Bubbles, which were the treats my kids handed out to their classes for Valentine’s Day.

Then I realized that their teachers may not want bubbles as a present….

And as I browsed the shelves, looking at everything from candy to candles, I wandered into the school supply aisle and spied some colorfully decorated gel pens.

I thought they looked fun, and teachers always need pens…..

Free Printable Valentine's Day Tags for Pens and Pencils

So I picked up the pens and made some printable tags for them.

The tags have an illustration of a pen on them, which is light so you can write over it, and after you cut them out, you just need to use a hole punch to add a hole to the one side.

I made them in both red and blue, so you can pick whichever you like best, and I tied them onto the pens with some bakers twine.

The gel pens actually make a really cute gift for older kids as well, and it’s a great non-candy option.

Here are the two tags in printable PDF form:

Valentine’s Day Printable Tags for Pens and Pencils (Blue)

Valentine’s Day Printable Tags for Pens and Pencils (Red)


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Valentine’s Day Printable Tags for Bubbles

Free Printable Valentine's Day Tags for Bubbles

These are the Valentine’s Day treats that my kids will be giving to their class this month.

I chose bubbles because I really wanted to avoid adding even more sugar to the student’s pile of what was sure to be a large load of candy.

And bubble are always a hit with kids.

So I looked around and found these adorable mini bubbles at Target in the holiday section of the store.  I then found the Valentine’s colored bakers twine in the bargain section near the front of Target.

Of course, you can also sometimes find colorful bakers twine in the baking section of stores, and I’ve sometimes found fun colors of bakers twine in the craft section of my local Dollar Tree.

And if you’re having trouble finding mini bubbles, I’ve found that Party City usually has a large supply of colorful bubbles as party favors.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Tags for Bubbles

Anyway:  back to the tags!

I made these heart-shaped tags in red and pink, after playing around with other color combinations like red and blue or red and purple.  I found I liked the way these looked best.

And they probably would have looked even better for my photos if my printer hadn’t started running out of ink…..

I made two versions.  The first has both a “to” and “from” on it, and the second {seen in the photos} only has “from.”

I did this because my girls are in preschool and it just seemed easier on everyone if we only wrote their names on the Valentines instead of the names of all of their classmates, too.  But older kids might want to write who they’re for, so I made that an option.

Valentine's Day Printable Tags for Bubbles

To assemble the Valentines, I first wrote my girls’ names on the heart and cut them out.  Then I punched a hole in the heart with a hole punch on the left side of the top of the heart.

Next, I cut a piece of bakers twine about 10 inches long and tied it around the neck of the bubble bottle.  I double knotted it so it wouldn’t go anywhere.  Then I strung the heart onto one piece of the tied bakers twine and tied another double knot to secure the heart to the bubbles.

You could stop there, I guess, but I went ahead and tied a bow to make them look a little nicer.  I double knotted the bow as well, so it wouldn’t come undone.

I then packed all the bubbles into a heart-shaped basket we already had to make it easy for my girls to bring them to school

To open the free printable PDFs, click on the link below for the one you want:

Valentine’s Day Printable Tags for Bubbles  {with “To” and “From”}

Valentine’s Day Printable Tags for Bubbles  {with “From” only}

Happy Crafting!  And please share your photos with me here or on Facebook if you make these!!

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“Thanks a Latte” Teacher Christmas Gift Tags

Thanks a Latte Gift Tag for Teachers:  FREE PRINTABLE from

This is really one of those posts that should have been finished waaaaaaaay before Christmas, but, well … it wasn’t.  Things are, you know:  busy.

I’m sure you know.

And there will totally still be some Christmas-themed posts appearing after Christmas, too………

Anyway, when I was shopping around for a gift for my daughter’s teachers, I was having a hard time deciding what to do.

I thought a Christmas themed mug filled with coffee would be nice… but what if they didn’t drink coffee?

I kept the mug idea, but added some tea and hot cocoa to the coffee.  And candy, of course.

But what about a gift tag?

There are a ton online, but none said exactly what I wanted.

So I made my own.

Thanks a Latte Gift Tag for Teachers:  FREE PRINTABLE from

Here you can see that I got these adorable snowman mugs {at Target} and filled them with Starbucks VIA Christmas Coffee packs, a couple flavors of individually wrapped tea bags, and some hot cocoa mix {with mini marshmallows}.

I also stuck in a couple of candy canes and 3 or 4 Lindt chocolate balls.

Then I put the whole thing into a “cookie bag” and tied it off with some curled ribbon, tying the tag onto one of the ribbon strands.

It looked pretty cute, and I’m kinda kickin’ myself for forgetting to photograph the finished gift.

Thanks a Latte Gift Tag for Teachers:  FREE PRINTABLE from

Anyway, if you need a tag that mentions “latte” {for coffee} and “tea,” then these are for you!

Thanks a Latte Teacher Christmas Gift Tags

Oh, and I purposely didn’t add an outline shape to the tags on the PDF printable.  That way you can cut them out in the same shape I did, or as squares or circles or whatever compliments your gift.


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