Mourning Alexandria

I am a history fan.

But, the main reason this little image caught my attention is actually because I’m a fan of literature.  A fan of knowledge.  Of books in general, of any sort, shape, subject, or size.

The thought of spending days (weeks, years) browsing and absorbing and immersing within the parchment fabled to exist there… well, that’s about as close as I get to a “dream come true.”



The Startling and Disappointing Truth

There is a quote from Eudora Welty that I adore, that really speaks to my soul.  That makes me smile.

I had gone on a pinning quest to find the quote written out on a nice background, but couldn’t find the entire quote, or an image I liked, anywhere in my searchings of the web.

So I made my own:

Eudora Welty Quote

And there it is – I’m smiling again.

Enjoy  :)

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