Custom Sand Heart Ornament for “Our First Christmas”

Custom Sand Heart Our First Christmas Ornament

I’ve always loved this ornament.

I created it from a photo I took a couple of years ago of a heart I drew in the sand of the shore of one of my favorite beaches.

And I just love the way it looks when it’s customized.  This is something I’ve given to family members as gifts, and it’s just so beautiful in person!

Here is the back of the ceramic heart:

Custom Sand Heart Our First Christmas Ornament

But the best part?  It’s fully customizable.  So it doesn’t have to read “Our First Christmas.”  It could say “Our Second Christmas,” “50th wedding anniversary,” or anything else that makes you smile.

It doesn’t even have to be about couples.  You could make one for your kid instead, with their name in the heart and “My First Christmas” on the back.  The possibilities are endless.

Plus, Zazzle has their awesome 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it’s a great place to personalize things.

Interested?  Click on the photos above to see the heart ornament, or check out Zazzle’s latest coupons!

My Happy Place


my happy place

Where is your happy place?  Mine is the beach.

The beach along the Gulf of Mexico of Florida’s west coast to be specific.

My toes digging into the soft, silkiness of the shore, the cool breeze drifting in off the water as the mesmerizing sound of the waves breaking relaxes every muscle while I settle into the velvet sand.

And watching my kids build and dig and laugh and splash and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

This is my happy place.

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