U is for Up, Underground, and Underwater

U is for Up, Underground, and Underwater {Letter Activities for Kids}

We do a lot of Alphabet Activities in our house.

My girls love to do projects, and I love that they enjoy projects that help them with letter recognition, pre-reading skills, and a whole handful of other useful exercises.

The main problem is that I haven’t gotten around to posting about all of the activities yet.  Or all of the worksheets that I’ve made for the girls.  But I’m getting to it.

Today, for example, I’m sharing one of the Letter U activities that we did… even though I haven’t yet officially posted ALL of the Letter U activities and worksheets yet.  But with summer ending, I wanted to get this one out there.  It’s a great way to get the kids outdoors.

I cut two letters from a piece of purple foam and gave a U to each of my girls.

I showed them a letter U worksheet with the words Up, Underground, and Underwater.  We talked about what each word meant, then we used the foam letters to demonstrate each concept.

They held the letters over their heads, then buried them in the dirt, and, finally, submerged them in the pool.

It was a lot of fun for them, and certainly memorable.

Here is the free printable PDF of the worksheet I made for this activity:  U is for Up Underground and Underwater

{The worksheet is free for personal and classroom use.  Please do not sell or redistribute it.}

We colored in the words after we finished swimming.  Can’t just put the letters in the pool and not ourselves, right?

I’ll be uploading more worksheets and activities soon!

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