A Strange Discovery

Homeward Bound Movie Ticket Stubs

I was sorting through some boxes and found a few old wallets of mine.

Most of them I kept to give to my girls to play with.  What little girl doesn’t love a pink wallet with a picture of Mickey and Minnie?

{I’d use it myself if it had more pockets.}

Darn near threw one of the old wallets into the “donate” box without looking through each and every pocket and slot.  On second inspection, I found some cash.

That’s would have made someone’s day at Goodwill.

Anyway, the strangest thing I found, aside from the vintage-looking 90’s bills, was this pair of movie ticket stubs.

Homeward Bound??

And does that say February 27, 1993???

Why in hell had I saved these?  I almost never purposefully save movie stubs, so why these?

Truth be told, Homeward Bound is a good movie.  I think.  I haven’t been able to watch it since I was a kid, but I know it was something everyone loved.  And with the good old fashioned wholesome fun of a ragtag team of two dogs and a cat on a journey across America, it became something that our middle school teachers loved to show during the classes that took place right before a vacation or break.

And, inevitably, try as I might to ignore the movie, I would fail to block it out.  And I would cry.  Profusely.

Silently sobbing and cursing my teachers as I wiped away the snot with rough, brown recycled paper towels.

I would spend the next couple of hours sporting a red, puffy, tear-stained face as I progressed through the school day.

Because it was never shown at the end of the day.  Oh no, only near the beginning, to make absolutely certain that I’d sniffle my way through as many classes as possible.

I came to hate the movie.

So it did surprise me a bit to find those ticket stubs wedged into the slot of one of my old wallets.  What were they doing there?

And WHY did the movie only cost $3.25???

Maybe because it was a “dollar theatre” matinee, but after the shock and the shudder that the movie title always brings to me faded, that was what drew my attention.

If movies were still three bucks, I’d go a heck of a lot more often.

But I still wouldn’t keep the ticket stubs.

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