Easy Easter Bunny “Whoopie Pie” Cookies

Easy Easter Bunny Whoopie Pie Cookies

Honestly, these “whoopie pie” cookies evolved when I discovered that all the bunnies on the pan faced the same direction:

Makes it difficult to make traditional sandwich-style cookies like that.

Sure, the photos for the pan show the bunnies made into sandwich cookies, but in reality the fit is a little awkward.  So, even though the bunnies were super cute and I still wanted to make them, I decided not to make them sandwich-style.

Instead, I just dunked the finished cookies in melted cake frosting and added eyes and ears as decoration with melted chocolate chips.

The result is a sweet-coated, soft, fluffy, playful treat that’s perfect for Easter and fun for the kiddos.

I put the recipe on the photo above (which helps visual people like me save it on Facebook and Pinterest!

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