Why Books are Awesome

Yesterday, I passed my state licensing exam for real estate!


And today I signed on with a local broker, so I can start working on my new business … an essential part of me moving onto the next stage of my life. This is huge.


I’m excited and I’m relieved. I’m happy that I don’t have to study tonight. But still, even though I’m looking forward to my new career in real estate, I plan to talk about housing and housing markets and all that stuff on my real estate blog and Facebook page… not here. This blog is for everything else. Like my first love: books. I’ll always be a writer, no matter what my “day job” is.

And, on that note, I’d like to share 10 Reasons Real Books Are Better Than E-books.

Enjoy :)

{{{This was originally posted at roamingrosie.blog.com, but I’ve since transferred my blog here}}}