A Boarded Up Borders of Sadness

boarded up borders

I loved Borders.  Worked there for 2 1/2 years during college.  It was like a second home to me.

And, long after college, I’d take my oldest daughter there, to look at the kids books while I drank coffee.  And tried to whittle down my pile of books and magazines into a smaller pile that I would actually purchase.  Even tho I often went in saying, “I’m not going to buy anything today.”

Like that ever happened.

And, actually, I’m talking about two different Borders in two different towns, (the one I worked in, and the one I visited after college) but that part doesn’t really matter.  I miss the atmosphere.  The openness and the bright colors.  The row upon row of books that I could lose myself in.

Sure, there are other bookstores out there.  But it’s not the same.  And driving by this boarded up Borders makes me sad.  I usually don’t drive by it anymore, but when it happens, my heart cries a little.  :(