Writing at Night


lovecraft writing at night quote

Well, I guess that means I’m officially a writer.

I mean, really, I write best at night.

Maybe because it’s so quiet.  There are no distractions.  The world is silent, which allows me to slip more thoroughly into my own universe of thought.

The night is more magical.  I am more alive at night.

My writing is more alive at night.

Hell, most of my blogs are written after midnight, even if I don’t post them until the next morning.

The night is for dreamers.  The night is for writers.

The night is my time to dream, to write.  The night is mine and I am the night’s.

And mornings suck.

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Inspire Kids to Write Poetry with Shel Silverstein Free Workshop Kit

Celebrate Poetry Month with Shel Silverstein

This is a great resource that you can get from the Shel Silverstein website.  See all of the Poetry Month downloads, or go directly to the 2013 Poetry Month download.

This year’s download is full of Silverstein’s drawings and poetry, offering examples and illustrations, and prompting kids to write their own versions.  Types of poetry include rhyming, epigram, visual, concrete (shape), list, rebus, non-rhyming, and acrostic poetry.

Even though most of it is still outside the grasp of my toddler and preschooler, they do enjoy his poetry.  I’ve been known to read aloud from my old copies of A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, and Where the Sidewalk Ends to my kids while they play.  Many of the poems I have nearly memorized.  :)

So why am I suggesting this?  It’s cool.  If nothing else, you can read the included poems to your kids and talk about the silly sketches.  And even if they’re still too young to write (like my girls) they can still use it for coloring pages.  And if they are old enough to write – what better way to inspire your little artist?

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