How to Make a Banana Message

How to Make a Banana Message

These banana messages are so much fun!  They only take a minute to make and kids get a kick out of them.

It’s really easy to draw a message onto the banana.  All you have to do is bruise the skin by dragging a toothpick over it.  If you’re out of toothpicks, you could use a knife instead.

If you want the message really dark, you can break the skin, which is what I did for the banana pictured above.

Also, since it darkens as time goes on, I actually do this at night and slip it into my daughter’s lunch box for the next day.  But you could do it that morning, as well.

She also enjoys getting a banana that has her name carved into it, or with fun stickers attached to it.

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Have fun!  And I’d love for you to share your creations with me on Facebook!

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