Spiral Cut “Confetti” Hot Dogs

Spiral Cut Confetti Hot Dogs

To add a little extra pizazz to a regular lunch around New Years, I made my kids’ hot dogs into confetti ribbons.

This is kind of the same concept as spiral potatoes, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

You’ll need:

hot dogs

Insert the skewer into the hot dog, keeping it as close to the center as possible all the way through.  I found it easiest to put the hot dog on it’s end and push the skewer down through it.

Then lay the hot dog on it’s side and angle your knife a little.  Begin cutting through the hot dog at the very top, cutting into it until your knife hits the skewer.  Then turn the knife, cutting around and around the hot dog while making sure to continue cutting into it as deep as the skewer while moving in a pattern much like when you peel an apple in one piece.  Do this until you reach the other end, then gently push the hot dog off of the skewer.

Spiral Cut Confetti Hot Dogs

The best way to cook these is to boil them.  Microwaving can cause it to cook unevenly and baking would crisp it up too much.

So bring a pot of water to a boil, throw in the hot dogs, and gently simmer them for 4 or 5 minutes.

Then serve up the edible confetti!  Great for New Years and birthdays, or just adding some surprise to an otherwise ordinary day.

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