The Scratch (Off) Map

scratch map

I am obsessed with this incredible Scratch Map – what an awesome idea!

It’s like a lottery ticket and travel log all in one.

And what could possibly be a better prize then the chance to explore our world?  And what better memorabilia then our memories?

The map is covered with foil that you simply scratch off with a coin.  It’s a great way to keep track of your travels.

And if you haven’t started traveling yet?  Hang it on your wall to inspire you to get moving!

Here’s an example (made by Grommet) of how it works:

Granted, many of the countries I’ve visited are relatively small, so I think hanging this on my wall would prompt me to hit up some of the larger entities out there.

Still a sweet poster, though.

Visit Grommet to learn more about Luckies of London’s Scratch Map!

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